Why is now the time that we recruiters and sourcers should build a strong network together?

It's been heartening to see recruiters and sourcers come together — from checking in on peers to applauding great ideas. It lets us know that we are not alone in these difficult times and that together we can make things easier.

Co-operation, particularly in business networks, has provided organizations with many valuable assets in the form of industry knowledge, new ideas, sources of funding, complementary skills, and expertise.

All of these assets can improve business performance and help companies reach a competitive advantage. Not to mention that with split placements we can offer our clients a wider variety of assignments thanks to: - branching out geographically; - different types of roles; - reach out to trading partners who are well-established experts instead of hiring new recruiters or investing resources in developing a new niche.

Best of all, there is no ongoing overhead – we simply pay for their services when we need them.

Stay safe!

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