How busy is getting the Human Resource office?

Statistics show that Human Resource offices of many Companies are getting busier and busier, and among many activities of HR staff, recruitment is one of more delicate one.

Times, when posting a job and wait for applicants is finished a long time ago. Third-party search makes sense not only because resources are limited, but because recruiting need highly specialization; especially when the timeline is tight and the role is a hard-to-fill one.

A recruiter now must provide a totally new set of services to both Hiring Managers and to job candidates and this is mainly because now a skilled and talented professional is not more a “job hunter” but is a “job shopper”.

Job seekers are indeed like “consumers” on the market for the best product, i.e. looking for the best “job offers” to take. Too often Hiring Managers are not trained for this and fail to fulfil their hiring plans. A Recruiter must be a coach for both sides of the employer and of the jobseekers.

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