Does it make sense to work with Recruiters Right Now?

Before the pandemic, recruiters focused on building pipelines of talents, so when their clients handed over a job spec they had candidates ready. Despite a completely different labour landscape that we’ve ever seen in the past, this recruiting tactic is still practical. When the client is ready to pull the trigger on hiring, the recruiter is ready with talents.

Work will likely be higher than ever due to the sheer amount of people who have been laid off or furloughed, but the talent war will continue because every Company wants the employees that can make a difference for their business.

The fact is that is not guaranteed that there is the time or the easy availability to find these talents when the economy rebounds. That is the moment when the patient and long-term work of the recruiter, will be valuable and required because it will be the moment of exploiting his/her pipeline of talents and his/her rich network.

An experienced recruiter can be the guide and great advisors for the Talents. Recruiters have the main point of contact with potential employers, a larger vision about the labour market and the updated understanding of the ongoing industry situation. Talents have interest in creating bonds with good recruiters and vice-versa.

So Recruiters are proactively looking for candidates, build a niche network, study the market, analyzing demand and establish contacts in a way that, when the economy rebounds and jobs open back up, there is a unique advantage for both, Talents and Employers, to make use of their advice, service and consultation. When the market will open back up, a candidate will get the best opportunities having partnered with a good recruiter. Such a candidate can stand out to hiring managers and increase their odds of success when the competition will likely be higher than ever due to the sheer amount of people who have been laid off or furloughed.

The same is valid for any employer that will have access to the best fitting talents with the right set of skills for the job, available on the labour market. Reducing the risk of the bad decision of the last minute when that right business opportunity will suddenly arise and the team needs to be enlarged.

The labour market will become probably more complex, differentiated and demanding for any side, and so, the service offered by good recruiters will be in high demand.

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